Prepare for the unexpected when travelling

Excited that vacation is finally here, packed and ready to go but are you prepared for everything.

Prepare for a delayed flight:

Travelling with toddlers: Pack extra Pampers, change of clothes, wipes and of course snacks along with some entertainment (Games, videos…etc) lets keep them busy and comfy.

Prepare for a cancelled flight:

The day before search for a cheap hotel or motel near the airport, you may prefer a proper bed than the drive all the way home. If you’re lucky enough the airline may have this covered. If not guess what?! You are prepared

Prepare for lost luggage

 It is a pain in the but to arrive at your destination and your luggage did not. Guess what we were ready for this, in your carry on pack emergency undergarments that you would have packed in your checked in luggage anyways, toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion etc Travel size). You may arrive at your destination late and stores maybe closed or they are not included in the hotel amenities. (NB: Keep your receipts they may  compensate for any items you would have had to purchase due to the inconvenience)

Prepare for your resort or hotel confirmation: 

You are not in the hotels system but you have confirmation in hand that they sent you, human error. Rather than arrive at the resort, hotel, motel and wait for an additional hour to get your room ready on arrival at the airport call the resort or send an email to confirm your reservation.

At the end of the day everything may have gone through without any hiccups, but what if?  Guess what you were prepared!!!

Now go have fun, that’s what you paid for!!!